Recent Learning Benchmarks


Certified: Wordpress/CMS Hubspot/CRM, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Web Optimizations, Woocommerce, WP-Engine, Accessibility & Design, Inbound Marketing, Adobe Suites. Learning: Google Adwords, Analytics, Tableau, Webflow, SEO, Woocommerce, PHP

  • Wordpress
  • Content Marketing
  • WP-Engine
  • Accessibility & Design
  • Adobe Suites
  • Inbound Marketing

Continued education is important to me and basically is a requirement for success in the creative tech sphere. Digital transformations change the game daily and you have to keep up to date as best you can. Acknowledging this reality is key. It is also exciting for the innately curious. In the past year I have become very knowledgeable of Accessible Design and guidelines for creating websites, pdfs, and eBooks that are consumable for all audiences. Additionally I have become very comfortable with the CRM software Hubspot - a great complement to my CMS knowledge in Wordpress. I am still working my way through some independent study of Google Adwords and Analytics. Will keep you posted.