Paul Victor
Seattle, WA

An Introduction

Brief Summary

Welcome. I am a convert to startup and tech culture. My educational background is in business and science. Up until 8 years ago, I was on track for a career in medicine, but a side interest of treehouse building took my plans in a new direction and led me into a media partnership with Pete Nelson of the TV show Treehouse Masters. We worked together to produce a bestselling app and I soon discovered the intrigue of exploring new technologies to promote ideas and products that I can believe in.

Since changing pursuits, I have worked for companies both large and small. I have worked in multiple disciplines. My natural curiosity lends itself well to a variety of roles in: web design, video production and digital marketing. I still do treehouse work from time to time and can often be found reading, hiking, or working on some creative project. This was my first website where I did all the code work from scratch, so please forgive any small mishaps.

Recent Work & Experiences

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