Marketing & Creative

The art of content creation and the business of marketing have a synergistic relationship. My experience has allowed me to “play” in each domain. Both rely on the other for purpose and energy. Several projects over the last year have allowed me to expand both my skill knowledge base in each of these fields. Below can be seen some examples of Book Publishing/Design, Logo Creation, Product Photography, Promotional Advertisements and Podcast Productions. Take a look.

Designed and published paperback and eBook version of Microsoft manuscript for distribution at Microsoft One Week Hackathon Conference. I studied and learned accessibility requirements and worked with Adobe to format each eBook version (PDF, MOBI, EPUB) to perform correctly on Accessibility eReaders.

Over 2000 books were ordered and given to employees.

Set the book up through Amazon KDP publishers - can be purchased and published on demand! (see page)

Advertising and promo for local business with direct results to business’s foot traffic.

Product logo for data analytics company. Combined data and chair motifs to hone in on a design that everyone could be happy with.

Logo for company.

Options for ABC&S logo.

Final design.

A friend needed a little help promoting a book she did, so this gave me a chance to practice my product photography and lighting techniques.

Additional shot for promoting the workbook.

One more product shot I did for an online health store that I co-run and operate.

Website for podcast I co-produce. We interview health experts, comedians and sports heros. Pretty diverse, but our goal is simply to learn new things and record that long form conversation as it happens. A good amount of people tune in, so not bad! (see page)

iTunes page for podcast. Podcast is distruted across multiple channels through an RSS feed set up on Libsyn.

Presentation for Boys and Girls Club of America and pitch for taking on a redesign of the oragnization's website.