Leap a transit start up, was nearing their targeted launch date and needed help creating a video to promote their new vision for transportation. They had a pretty clear direction for their video and I worked directly with the Leap leadership team to plan it out. After initial discussions, I primarily worked as a producer on the video, dealing with logistics and coordination for production. After shooting the video, I again worked with both Leap and the editing team to fine tune our ideas (varying edits, music direction, color grading, stock footage, etc.) and finalize the video. What was nice with this video was that the content, beautifully redesigned buses, was relatively easy to make compelling. I think the subject had a natural viral element to it that once polished could really capture an audience. Through our team's efforts, the video reached a global audience and paved the way for a tremendous amount of publicity for Leap and a very successful launch. The video was featured on: CNN, Fox News, The Atlantic, Washington Post, Tech Crunch, The Verge and many more.