Microsoft is Makeshift Studio’s top client and has been so for a number of years. Throughout the course of that relationship, I have been fortunate enough to work on several projects for various Microsoft teams. One of the more interesting projects was for the Story Team. They handle media and news reporting within Microsoft and work to market company culture and public messaging. The overall project was a website/news story covering an area of Microsoft called “The Garage,” a small studio setup open to all employees interested in utilizing Microsoft’s access to top tier technology for working on personal projects and inventions. My team and I helped with content creation and met with a number of “Garage Tinkerers,” photographing and helping document this special creative space.

A team works with a 3D printer to make a record that could reproduce the famous Window's chime when played.

The 3D printed record ready to play

The team upped the ante and successfully programmed the record to play the chime on a xylophone.

The Garage: Tools of the trade

A nice introduction illustration contracted out for the project

Another more recent project involved a partnership between Microsoft and Gold’s Gym for a day of filming employees using the new Microsoft Health and Fitness band. We rented a C300 camera and brought our full light setup to capture this device in use. The end result was a gif to used on the story’s page. Below is a screen grab from the gif and a bts shot of us at work.