Nelson Treehouse & Supply

Treehouse building has been, and will likely always remain, a personal passion. Like any good and worthwhile passion, it has been one that only increases with time and devotion. Over the course of my life, my brothers and I have built more than our fair share; the latest (seen below), the culmination of all those previous endeavors. This treehouse we called The Tree Top Tavern; its completion brought us into the PNW’s unique community of professional treehouse builders and entered us into a friendship and future media partnership with Pete Nelson of the TV show Treehouse Masters.

The treehouse I built along with my brothers and a few friends. Notice the round Hobbit door!

A shot of the interior of the treehouse.

After we finished it we showed it to Treehouse Master Pete Nelson -guess he liked it!

Before there was a Treehouse Masters show, I worked directly with Pete Nelson to develop media content for selling his brand. At the time, his work was relatively unknown, but I knew that creating and expanding his digital content would be great for extending his reach. My brother and I then began documenting different treehouse constructions, interviewing Pete about the hardships of the business, creating business promotional videos and archiving footage for future use. This content would then largely be used in the pitch to Animal Planet for the show soon to called Treehouse Masters, with some of the video footage still remaining in the current introduction. That show now reaches 1 million plus viewers a week!

Pete Nelson in one of a number of interviews discussing all things treehouse related.

Behind the Scenes set up for interview about Treehouse Learning Workshops--see the setup shot of Pete next.

Pete Nelson teaching responsible treehouse building.

Over the last few years I have always been in the hunt for new production gear---we would need it for this shot.

A little fog hazer to add some atmospheric mist to the scene - see it in the next shot for the final copy.

The Hermitage Treehouse at Treehouse Point in the early morning mist ;)

Working with Pete and his amazing team at Nelson Treehouse and Supply was a true pleasure. I will never forget a trip that we took to Southern Oregon to help capture his family reunion revolving around an ambitious two week treehouse build. Not only were all the people great, and the treehouse beautiful, but during this time we also began taking the first steps towards creating the Treehouse App and planning out its creative direction.

A 360 pano I took of the WC Ranch Treehouse in Southern Oregon. Full immersive 360's can be found in the app.

Documenting the treehouse coming together in a picturesque setting. No doubt an unforgettable time.

One of my favorite shots from a short video we put together showcasing the treehouse build.

Another great one.

All of the crew as construction neared completion.

Took this hdr of the treehouse at dusk using bracketed exposures.