Operator Campaign

The San Francisco based startup, Operator , reached out to my team looking for help launching their product. They are an interesting company, started by one of the founders of Uber. Their business lies somewhere within the intersection of messaging, mobile and on demand services , but to bring that to market they needed some help, specifically in creating video content for their launch and promotion campaign. I worked alongside the director of this project from initial consultation and budgeting, to launch. Together we worked with the Operator team to develop their approach and messaging so that our work could effectively capture the essence of their product.

More specifically, we collaborated to develop the style for the video, the script, copy, theme, locations, cinematography, actor and actress, music and edit to provide the best video for their promotion campaign. With a small core team working on the video, I ended up as lead producer, but also worked in a number of other roles. Truth be told, projects this big in scope take a lot out of you, but I loved the variety of roles.

This was an extremely rewarding project, and I believe that our team of twelve + people were able to create something special. From amazing drone shots, to beautifully coordinated wardrobes and locations, and a perfect music track, it all came together. This is not easy to do. The Operator video is featured on their website, as well as in a number of articles and was selected as an Editor's Choice at the Apple App Store